NI: Engineering in an Era of Complex Systems of Systems, Autonomy and AI

Webinar Speakers:

Igor Alvarado, Academic Research Manager, National Instruments

Length: 45 minutes

Innovative business models and massive new industries are being created around and within complex ecosystems that aggregate different technologies and platforms, collect-crunch-digest massive amounts of data, and use federated/distributed intelligence through ubiquitous sensing, connectivity and computing. The role of the ECE discipline is key for overcoming these challenges and finding the corresponding novel solutions: a new generation of engineering professionals (with emphasis on ECE) will be required to design, develop, install, operate and maintain complex “systems of systems” that are part of larger ecosystems where multiple actors participate and success results from the collaborative effort between them. Innovative engineering education programs and translational research will help to prepare the future engineering professionals that will respond to these and other challenges. Given the complexity of the potential solutions, we explore different pathways and approaches that could help to accelerate the development of those solutions with an active participation of academia, including faculty, students and the larger engineering community.