ABET: ABET Update: Accreditation in Response to COVID-19

Webinar Speakers:

Dr. Joe Sussman, ABET’s Chief Accreditation Officer
Jane Emmet, Senior Director of Accreditation Operations, ABET

Length: 1 hour

This session will summarize how best to address ABET accreditation within the context of academic program response to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. ABET’s Chief Accreditation Officer, Dr. Joe Sussman, and Senior Director of Accreditation Operations, Jane Emmet, will discuss modifications to ABET operations and how these modifications will affect program reviews, acknowledging the current delivery changes to academic programs that have affected teaching and learning. In addition, Dr. Sussman and Ms. Emmet will answer questions regarding how best to prepare for ABET accreditation given the current status of academic program offerings at institutions around the globe. This session will summarize recent updates, and we especially encourage participation from programs with ABET visits planned for Fall 2020.