AI & Machine Learning

New at Mouser: Bosch BME688 AI-based Environmental Gas Sensor

Mouser Electronics, Inc., the industry’s leading New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor with the widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components, is now stocking the BME688 AI-enabled gas sensor from Bosch.

The Bosch BME688 sensor combines gas, humidity, temperature and barometric pressure sensing with innovative artificial intelligence (AI) capability. The 3mm x 3mm sensor features integrated high linearity and high-accuracy pressure, humidity, and temperature sensors. The BME688 gas sensor can detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other gases — such as hydrogen and carbon monoxide — in the parts per billion (ppb) range. The sensor’s AI features and Bosch Sensortec’s new BME AI-Studio software tool allow engineers to rapidly develop custom solutions for their specific use cases, including mobile and connected applications where size and low power consumption are critical requirements.

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