About Us

ECE Circuit is a new and unique digital content hub with the mission to build community and technical understanding within the electrical and computer engineering fields.

Our community encourages innovation in education and is designed to facilitate conversations among electrical and computer engineering educators, students and industry leaders around a variety of topics, including analog and digital circuit design, AI and machine learning, quantum computing, nanotechnology, photonics and more.

The ECE community consists of current academic faculty and staff members, graduate students, industry professionals and government representatives across the U.S. and Canada.

Our Vision

Through a mix of new and curated editorial content, educational programs and e-learning opportunities, ECE Circuit strengthens the technical understanding of academic and industry professionals, fostering new conversations, innovation and technical developments in the electrical and computer engineering fields.

Our Role

As a vibrant, interactive and one-stop content hub for electrical and computer engineering professionals, ECE Circuit plays a valuable role in strengthening knowledge, encouraging best practices and providing new opportunities for professional growth and enhancing leadership and educational skill sets within the ECE community.

Our History

Founded in 2020, ECE Circuit builds on the community created by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Head Association (ECEDHA), the premier academic association of its kind encompassing all major electrical engineering, computer engineering and related programs at universities across North America.

Resources for Remote ECE Teaching (RECET)

Project RECET is a tool to facilitate the sharing of materials, resources, and best practices for teaching and learning Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) anywhere, anytime at the undergraduate and continuing education levels. Register today to access select materials and resources.

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